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The client or us personally get a high definition photo of the subject to reproduce in the tapestry.
The photo is made up of light colors, shadows, backgrounds; we have to replace these components with colored warp and weft.
The warp has fixed colors while we can choose the foreground depending on the subject.

The designer’s wisdom lies in knowing how to mix and hide the colored strings so that the tapestry is realized in the right way, with all unnecessary strings in the back of the object. It’s a bit like playing hide and seek with the strings and a bit like with the chimes; if we have the white and red color and mix them the result is a pink color.
The technique consists of special interstices already studied in the 1600s, which give a 3D effect  and depth to the tapestry. It’s like opening a window into the wall and admiring a virtual landscape.



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